Theme: Go With Jesus

World Pathfinder Day 2023

Youth September 23, 2023

Greetings Pathfinders!

Another year has passed, and we are once again celebrating a new World Pathfinder Day! We are so excited and thrilled to have another opportunity to celebrate together.  With the world returning to its previous ways, we are now faced with new challenges and tribulations after the last few years. We can sometimes find ourselves asking how we can face the problems in our lives and in our communities? Do we have to face it alone?

An answer can be to GO WITH JESUS. He is our rock, our strength and our light. With Jesus by our side, we can face anything that may come our way and build a path for other to follow. By Going with Jesus, we can weather any storm, climb any mountain and face giants that may appear in our path.  Remember that when we GO WITH JESUS we are never alone.

I hope you enjoy the joyful celebration of this important movement. Make your stand and GO WITH JESUS so the whole world will know we are never alone.


Andres J. Peralta Image

Andrés J. Peralta

World Pathfinder Director

WPD 2023 English Version Booklet

WPD 2023 Kinyarwanda Version Booklet

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